The Stony Brook Computing Society

Meetings every other Wednesday at 1pm in Engineering 145

About Us

The Stony Brook Computing Society is a student organization at Stony Brook University for all those interested in programming, computers, and related technology. In addition to holding weekly general body meetings, we organize a variety of events focused on academics, professional development, and community building.

This site provides access to information about our events, a dedicated news feed, and several online resources. If you would like more information or need to contact us, the executive board can be reached directly via email -- (please enable javascript)

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Executive Board

Reid Horton, President

Reid Horton


Steven Marturano, Vice President

Steven Marturano

Vice President

Matt Del Signore, Treasurer

Matt Del Signore


Michael Alvin, Secretary

Michael Alvin


Special Interest Groups

Stony Brook Game Developers

SBGD is a place to meet others interested in making games, discuss the many aspects of game development, and share experiences related to game design. Meetings are held every Wednesday at 6pm in New Computer Science 220.

Stony Brook Mobile App Developers

MAD is a gathering of people who share a common interest in programming mobile applications. We discuss the different aspects of programming in iOS and Android, and we go over tutorials to expand our knowledge. Meetings are held every other Wednesday at 7pm in Old Computer Science 2120.